About us
About us
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About us

SHYFISH established in 1980, is one of the market leaders in refined stainless steel industry. We have devoted ourselves to providing high quality products and a wide range of stainless steel finishes. With experienced and advanced technology, SHYFISH is able to give full flexibility in customizing your needs.

Remarkable success and sustainable growth of SHYFISH have been achieved largely by strong loyalty users who accept nothing less but the best products and services. Our commitment to remain at the leading tip of the stainless steel industry is the key to assure your market position.



French Pass                                            Coffee Canister                                                    Drip Kettle 



Mixing Bowl                                                Lemon Squeezer                                         Ice Cream Scoop


Cocktail Shaker                                                            Hip Flask                                              Moscow Mule Mug

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